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  I mainly use two different ceramic techniques to carry out my work:
  Majolica and Dry Rope.
  Majolica is a technique where clay pieces, once fired at 980ºC (1796ºF), are covered with a uniform base glaze. After this base glaze is prepared, the design is drawn in pencil over the unfired glaze. Then, using special ceramic pigments made from mineral oxides, the pieces are painted. The pieces are then fired at 980ºC (1796ºF), resulting in a completely smooth surface.
  Dry Rope is a term from the tenth century that means -dry line-, referring to the fine lines separating the different colors of glaze. First it is necessary to draw the design on the fired clay tiles. Then, using a fine brush, a mixture of oil and manganese oxide is applied. When the drawing is complete, the spaces between the lines are filled with glaze. This results in a glazed surface with small reliefs in which there is no glaze, but usually a black line.

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